Design, Production and Testing of Electronic Boards for Emebedded Systems, with PCB production and Industrialization


Strong Skills on
Internet of Things and Industry 4.0

Electronic Systems Experts

Design and development of embedded electronic systems and electronic devices, software and hardware design, mechatronic applications

The possibilities for applying electronic and IT technologies are endless. Adgenera has always designed and developed tailored solutions in the automotive, transport, industrial automation, energy saving, Smart City and Smart Mobility sectors.

From its origins, Adgenera has used the enabling technologies for the Internet of Things and the evolution of Factory 4.0:

  • electronics and its miniaturization in custom embedded systems (hardware, firmware and software);
  • the creation of sensor and smart grid networks, connected via wireless communication technologies, bluetooth, ethernet, field bus, etc...;
  • the development of complex software algorithms with high computational calculations and real-time response times;
  • smart applications that require remote connectivity, through the development of Apps for smartphones and tablets, leveraging the Cloud.

Complete support for the development of embedded electronic systems

System Development

System Requirements
  • Product Requirements
  • Feasibility Study
System Design
  • Top-Down Approach
  • Process Definition
Test Configuration
  • Test Definition
  • Result Analysis
Process Improvement
  • Cost Reduction
  • Maintenance Optimization

Software Design and Development

Development in Real-Time Environment
  • Linux Embedded
  • Real-Time Applications
Low-Level Design
  • Firmware (C, Assembly, Ladder, etc.)
  • Device Driver Development
High-Level Design
  • Development of Libraries and APIs (Application Programming Interface)
  • Mobile Device Applications
Code Optimization
  • Bug Fix and Performance Increase
  • Validation: Debug and Testing

Hardware Design and Development

Architecture Definition
  • Component Definition
  • Requirements Analysis
Propotype Development
  • Printed Circuit Design and Testing
Data Acquisition Systems
  • Sensors and Actuators Interfaces
PLC System Design
Power System Design
  • DC/DC Converters
  • Smart Power Systems and Solar Panels
Progettazione di schede elettroniche su misura, partendo dai requisiti, defifinizione BOM, schematics e layout per preserie e serie

Custom electronic design

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Servizi connessi in Rete attraverso il Cloud Server per Soluzioni Smart System, Smart Mobility e Wearable Computing

Design and engineering of
Smart Systems

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Consulenza per la Progettazione di Sistemi Elettronici Avanzati, Sviluppo Software, Integrazione e Messa in Servizio nel Campo dell’Automazione Industriale

Advanced engineering consultancy

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Case History
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