Development of Custom Software Tool supporting Dataset Management, Calibration and Validation

Software Tools for the Automotive sector

Process Optimization
Dominate complexity and improve efficiency

Software Tools for the Automotive sector

Autonics is a neologism composed of the words Automobile and Electronics, and represents all the technological systems on a car.

The value of the electronic systems has far exceeded one third of a car's total value (source: Bosch), due to the increasing number and complexity of installed devices.

In this scenario, it is strategically important to master the phase of integration between components that involves diverse and geographically dispersed teams.

During this process, the sharing of data, information, communications and documents is intense and complex, not easily managed simply by applying common sense.

The criticality of the sector requires particular attention in processing every bit of data: the general rule is that errors and omissions are not admissible.

In this context, Adgenera makes use of its experience in the automotive sector to develop software solutions for automating, monitoring and supporting the management of:
  • Integration and Calibration
  • Dataset Management and Document Management
  • Validation
  • Fleet Management
Simplified tools to manage processes

The Adgenera solutions are tailored to a particular process and adapt to formats, conventions and specifications matured in the environment in which they operate.

The software tools made available to the Customer are used for receiving input data, processing and validating them, making them usable and modifiable by authorized users only, and generating specific actions and/or output data.

The data commonly processed by the automation solutions offered by Adgenera include:
  • Documents in MS Word format with custom layout
  • Documents in MS Excel format with custom layout
  • Relational databases of any kind (including MS Access documents)
  • Calibrations (CVX-CSV, DCM, LAB, Excel formats etc.)
  • ASAP2 description files (A2L)
  • Other ASCII-based, XML or custom binary formats
  • Emails and related templates, mailing lists
  • Measurement and log files
  • Script files

The scalability of the intervention allows for the adoption of "local" automation tools, consisting of simple PC applications that do not require any particular infrastructure. It also enables the design of complex architectures with shared storage and computing resources (on physical or cloud servers).

The immediate benefits of using Adgenera solutions arise from the positive impact on every aspect of the process.

Non-compliances due to human errors, data inconsistencies and omissions are eliminated through the reliability and repeatability of software tools that can implement multiple consistency and plausibility checks.

The visibility and task management improve, thanks to user-based authorization policies, where each tool can be equipped with a system for user authentication, logging of actions and automatic progress notification.

Resources are used more efficiently, since they do not waste time in low added value activities, fully supported by the automation tools.

The learning curve also benefits, as the software tools that Adgenera offers are easy to use and intuitive, quickly making operational the new Resources brought into the team.

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