Innovative Environmental Technologies for an efficient waste management

Managing Urban Solid Waste

Protect the Environment and Save money,
let's reconcile these two objectives.

The city of the future – Smart Waste Management

The management of Urban Waste (RU) is a critical activity that brings with it economic, environmental and social implications.

Every year each of us produces on average almost 500 kilogrammes of Urban Waste (Source: 2016 ISPRA Environmental report): today the challenge is to manage its sorting, collection, treatment and disposal in an increasingly efficient manner.

Every administration is asked to meet increasingly stringent objectives, aimed at reducing the overall production of waste, to increase its recovery and recycling and to increase sustainable disposal methods.

In addition, stricter anti-pollution regulations increase the costs of treatment and disposal, forcing operators to continuously search for better processes to maintain their profitability.

The first fundamental step is to make the transfer and collection process "smart", by:
  • Identifying the Users of the service
  • Checking, monitoring and measuring the waste generated by each User
  • Bidirectional connectivity of bins to a Cloud server
  • Analysing and processing the data aggregated on the server
  • Streamlining the collection process

In this scenario, Adgenera uses the latest technologies to support Customers in achieving their goals, with the product brand Adambì.

This solution creates value by eliminating or reducing the inefficiencies that the traditional management process involves, in particular the greatest benefits are achieved by:
  • Raising the awareness of Users, induced to reduce the amount of waste generated and/or increase its sorting.
  • Increasing the perceived quality of the service, avoiding situations of abandoned waste or overfilled bins.
  • Reducing the costs associated with the collection through dynamic scheduling linked to the actual needs.

Adgenera has developed an innovative technology that provides all the benefits of a "Smart" management of urban waste in a simple and concrete way.

Our solutions can be used to develop a detailed pricing model (PAYT - Pay As You Throw) from the beginning, to further improve the collection process or integrate at every level with the Customer's infrastructure, thanks to the high flexibility and potential for customization.

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