IMP3rove Certification to increase innovation

Adgenera obtains the IMP3rove Certificate

The force of Innovation
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IMP3rove Assessment

IMP3rove is the abbreviation of the expression IMProve Innovation Management Performance of SMEs with sustainable IMPact and it is an in-depth assessment of corporate governance, evaluated comprehensively on the following aspects:
  • Innovation Strategy
  • Orientation of Corporate Culture towards Innovation
  • Life Cycle of Innovation
  • Enabling Factors - Environment
  • Translation of Innovation into concrete Results

Thanks to this assessment, the Company clearly and objectively understands its position with respect to the scale of the innovation and can identify a path of continuous growth, focusing on areas for improvement.

With this in mind, innovation assumes the dignity of an internal process, on the same footing as supplier management, marketing or production.

Innovation therefore arises from creativity and imagination, yet it constitutes a true advantage only if applied with seriousness, discipline and control, every day, involving the whole company structure.

Not only this. Innovating is a cross-sectional process, and by its very nature it conditions and draws its driving force from other business processes. It is not only a matter of applying the latest available technology, but of finding new ways to face the market, to use skills, to collaborate and to communicate.

Adgenera has successfully undertaken and completed the assessment process because it believes in innovation as a tool to grow, stand out and - above all - create value for its Customers.

The ALPS Enterprise Europe Network Innovation Sector of the Chamber of Commerce of Turin has played a fundamental role in supporting Adgenera in this path.

The competence and professionalism of Ms Chiara Soffietti and Ms Daniela Cena were the key element in making the IMP3rove tool operational and useful.

The reporting system of the IMP3rove certification allows an immediate comparison of company performance with the "best in class" in terms of growth and innovation. Being in line with them, if not exceeding them, means being able to compete effectively at the European level.

The IMP3rove assessment complies with the CEN/TS 16555-1 and CWA 15899 standardization documents on innovation management and, moreover, it is establishing itself as the "Gold Standard" at the European level.

Adgenera is one of the first Italian SMEs to complete the assessment, in line with its mission to combine innovation and value for the Customer.

Download the IMP3rove Certificate.

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